At V porcelain, we offer quality porcelain products in the form of tiles and slabs selected from all over the world to enhance your home project.


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The easy, versatile and resistant design for exterior tiles

The porcelain paver doubles in thickness (20 mm) to adapt to any type of outdoor use: gardens, public parks, pool exteriors, patios, terraces and driveways.
Florim Outdoor is the range of tiles for outdoors that combines design, sustainability, high performance and flexibility for public and private spaces.

The best outdoor paving tiles

The best outdoor pavings are those made of porcelain stoneware because of their high resistance to temperature shocks, low porosity and ability to have a non-slip finish. The most common tiles for this type of application generally have a thickness of 20 mm. The former is most commonly used when the material is bonded to the screed, while the latter is recommended for making raised floors (i.e. on plastic feet) or laid “dry” directly on grass, gravel and sand. The latter solutions are particularly suitable if you do not want a permanent fix but prefer to be able to remove and change the floor very easily. In addition to functional aspects, aesthetic features are today being considered more regularly. The most popular formats for this use are 600X600, while the most popular graphics are stone, concrete and wood effects, often designed to create continuity with the interior

The advantages of 20mm porcelain pavers

The technical characteristics of the porcelain stoneware double – along with the thickness – to meet the needs of any type of outdoor application.


Unlike other materials such as wood, natural stone, and concrete, porcelain stoneware is not porous and therefore does not absorb liquids. This means it will not stain or crack, and will need no surface application or special maintenance. It is also suitable for commercial activities or humid environments such as bathrooms.

Installation – Easy and versatile outdoor flooring

You can choose the most suitable installation for any location:
  1. laying tiles directly onto gravel and sand (also on the beach)
  2. laying tiles directly onto grass
  3. laying raised floors with supports (fixed or adjustable feet)
  4. traditional laying with bonding agent (on cement screed)

In addition to being easy to lay, outdoor tiles are often also easy to remove and reposition elsewhere (on cement screed).


A vast selection of outdoor tiles meets V porcelain design. Attention to detail and stylistic research enter the outdoor flooring world so you can experience outdoor spaces conveniently and easily.
The range of sizes and colors that our laboratory has selected satisfy the most popular material inspirations for outdoor coverings: essences of wood, cement and various types of stone. The result is absolutely natural, but industrial production guarantees the aesthetic continuity of the effects and the color, without surprises.
As always, we are very attentive to sustainability. The innovative recipe that is able to employ more than 50% recycled material arrives from our laboratories. Discover the certified exterior tiles

Deck & Patio Tiles

The V porcelain catalog includes a wide range of traditional thickness products (20 mm) that have a non-slip finish available for outdoor installation in covered and uncovered spaces. A vast selection of “made in V porcelain” design is available at the service of creativity, for aesthetic continuity or original matches between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Porcelain stoneware terrace pavement tiles

The solidity of porcelain stoneware and its resistance to tread and external factors makes it the ideal material for outdoor flooring for gardens, swimming pools, terraces and balconies.
In addition to V porcelain high technical standards, aesthetically a stoneware floor for your terrace creates a continuity with your interior (e.g. bedroom, living room) through an uninterrupted surface that creates the idea of a single space.
Stone-effect porcelain stoneware is one of the most widely used for spaces such as balconies and terraces, but there are many alternatives in V porcelain collections, ranging from marble effect and concrete effect to wood or stone effect.

Porcelain stoneware on the patio

Porcelain stoneware can also be used to pave patios, because it resists weathering and temperature changes over time. Under certain conditions, such as near swimming pools or in pedestrian walkways, slippery characteristics must also be considered.
This is why it is always a good idea to consult experienced professionals before choosing which product to use.


Visit the section V porcelain Solutions for further information and advice on swimming pools.

External porcelain stoneware paving: collections carried out


The naturalness of Plima granite combines with the versatility of V porcelain porcelain stoneware

Woodslate Life

Slate and oak wood. A rustic touch with a more contemporary sobriety

Nature Mood

Starting afresh from nature


The brutalism of cement and the expressive vigor of bold colors


A natural osmosis between indoor and outdoor spaces


Colors that fade, movement, the essence of cement


The transversal texture of cement


Wood evolution


The expressive matter of modern architecture


Blended powders, delicate minerals that formed over time


From the union of onyx and porphyry, a secret tale that brings with it all the allure of nature

Rock Salt

The natural charm of the tactile materiality of salt crystals


The natural appearance of quartzite at the service of design

La Roche

The charm of time in modern design


Class and flexible versatility


Sophisticated cement-inspired personality

Urban style

An authentic soul, well-balanced between tradition and innovation


Design, performance and sustainability in 2 cm of thickness

Selection Oak

The soul of oak for informal luxury

Icon Outdoor

Continuity between interior and exterior environments to combine aesthetics and versatility


Earth and technology for sustainable building

Installation on gravel and sand

With its 20 mm material thickness, it is ideal for installation on gravel and sand. The system is extremely easy to install and can be freely repositioned, thereby allowing maximum creativity in the configuration and flexibility in any subsequent changes.

Installation on grass/grassy surface

V porcelain Outdoor can be easily installed on grass, removed and positioned elsewhere, allowing maximum flexibility in creating various configurations

Floating installation

The 20 mm thickened sheet lends itself well for raised installation thanks to the use of fixed or adjustable feet that create an technical compartment under the treadable surface, accessible by simply lifting the sheets

Gluing with adhesive

In any area subject to high static or dynamic loads, Florim Outdoor, installed using the classic method (adhesive), is the technical response that can withstand the test of time. It is the ideal flooring to withstand any stress, even in high traffic and urban areas.